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In January, I discovered a leakage in one of my bedrooms as the floor became wet whenever there was a downpour.

I informed my town council, and a representative visited my home on Jan 19.

He took some photos and confirmed that there was seepage through the external wall. My family was then told that a contractor would be sent to patch up the external wall within four to six weeks.

However, after six weeks, nothing had been done, and I received no further updates from the town council.

I made multiple unsuccessful calls, and the representative returned a call on April 19 to inform me that all rectification works had been stopped as my estate’s scheduled repair and redecoration works were to be done soon.

I was assured that during the works, the town council would prioritise homes with external wall defects that had not yet been rectified.

Almost two months have passed and I have not heard from anyone since.

Meanwhile, for the past six months, my room gets wet whenever it rains.

I have been living in Tampines for the past 25 years. In the past, whenever I reported a seepage issue, repairs would be carried out promptly. If that was not possible, there would be regular updates on the cause of the delay and alternative plans.

Lee Cheow Teck