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My boyfriend and I have become avid cyclists and park connector users. We are grateful for the amazing work done by the National Parks Board to create green spaces for the public.

At the same time, we have observed more cyclists speeding along lanes demarcated for them.

We believe there are insufficient signs to demarcate lanes for pedestrians and cyclists on some stretches of busier park connectors. This poses a danger.

Here are two suggestions to mitigate the situation.

First, the left and right sides of a park connector should be reserved for pedestrians, with the middle lane for cyclists.

This would make it very clear for non-cyclists which side of the path they should keep to. It would also help cyclists as they just need to stick to the middle lane.

Second, there needs to be education to change behaviour. It would be helpful to hold events to educate cyclists about safe cycling.

Awareness can also be raised in other ways. For instance, there are already vehicles making their rounds in some areas, broadcasting reminders for people to wear masks and maintain social distancing. The same vehicles can also broadcast reminders for cyclists not to speed.

Hopefully, these efforts will allow cyclists and non-cyclists alike to enjoy the tranquillity of park connectors.

Chen Wei Teng