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The Government is managing a delicate balancing act between safeguarding the health of the population and helping businesses stay afloat.

It is extremely challenging for the food and beverage sector to do business under these circumstances. Indeed, for an industry that believes “the more the merrier”, it is painful to have to turn away customers.

But a pandemic is raging and life must go on.

My mother used to say: “When you eat, don’t talk.” Those words have now become a warning. People are vulnerable when they remove their masks to eat, and more vulnerable when they eat and talk at the same time.

Customers at all F&B establishments must adjust their habits.

At a time like this, everyone ought to be considerate, for himself as well as others.

The luxury of eating and chatting incessantly with friends even when the food is long gone can no longer be afforded. Eat and go.

If you must talk, finish your food, put on your mask and proceed somewhere else to talk.

Not only do you protect yourself (and your dining companion) from possible infection, but you also free up the seat for customers in line.

Daniel Chan Wai Piew