‘DUFUS’: As infrastructure bill drags on, lawmakers get punchy

Earlier, during a debate on an amendment Davis offered related to environmental permitting, Graves commended Davis for “finally coming up with a good idea.”

And while referring to the C and D+ grades U.S. infrastructure gets in report cards released by groups like the American Society of Civil Engineers, Graves said, “While Rodney Davis’s parents would be ecstatic to see those types of grades, it’s unacceptable for other Americans to be living under those conditions.”

Davis said in a statement that the pair of second-term lawmakers are buddies.

“Just two good friends trying to bring some levity to a markup of a bill going nowhere,” he said.

Graves said Davis had it coming.

“If you know Rodney, the only way you can be his friend is if you can dish out at least 50 percent of what he does,” he said. “We were simply bringing some levity to an otherwise awful bill and awful process. If the bill were a person, I’d call it a dufus too.”

The markup is expected to continue into Thursday.