Brooks and Capehart on Trump emails to DOJ, Biden-Putin summit, Juneteenth

Jonathan Capehart:

Well, the American people should be wildly outraged.

To David’s point, we have never seen anything like this in American history. And as I was talking about this earlier, I was shocked, but not shocked, not shocked because of the four years of Donald Trump, because he would always say the quiet part out loud, for instance, the subpoenas that we have we learned about last week for Chairman Adam Schiff.

He — Trump was out there on the campaign trail saying, he’s a leaker, he should be investigated, but I wouldn’t do that. And now we find out that, actually, the Justice Department did do that.

But I’m not shocked. Well, I am shocked by just how close we came to losing everything, to losing our democracy, that it was just a few people, a handful of people who took their oath to the Constitution seriously enough to say no, to pump the brakes on people who were willing to go along with the president of the United States.

And if it could happen once, that’s the fear that I have, is that, if a more competent Donald Trump version comes into power, how much damage, more damage, could that person do?