Biden, Harris urge Black Americans to get vaccinated in Juneteenth addresses

Amna Nawaz:

That’s right, Judy. The president did warn against that Delta variant.

And we know, in those less vaccinated parts of the country, in the rural stretches, Southern part of the country and communities of color, that remains a really concern. Let’s not forget the latest CDC racial data, which is partial, shows that, among Black Americans, full vaccination rates lag behind all other groups.

And that’s part of the reason why we saw Vice President Kamala Harris where we did today. She was on the ground in Georgia, where statewide vaccination rates still do lag behind the national average. She was visiting historically Black institutions. She went to Ebenezer Baptist Church. She went to Clark Atlanta University. They were both acting as vaccination sites today.

And she was getting the word out that people have to continue to get their shots, they have to urge others in their community to get the shot as well. Now, a White House official I spoke with today did repeat the message we have heard from the White House for a long time now, that equity remains at the heart of everything they do. They want to work to close those racial gaps.

But they also said there’s work to be done ahead. And they do acknowledge that. We know, of course, the administration wants to get to 70 percent of adults vaccinated by July 4. I also asked the official, are you going to make it? Are you confident?

The official said, even if we don’t, even if we’re at 67 or 68 percent, the point is, things are starting for many in the country to get back to normal — Judy.