Biden adviser says Lindsey Graham ‘doesn’t have a clue’ on crime

But Graham said Wednesday it will not address the larger problem.

“We have a lack of prosecution and we’ve declared war on the police and that is backfiring on those who have done it,” Graham said in a Wednesday interview.

Richmond, a former member of Congress from Louisiana, said the senator “doesn’t have a clue,” when it comes to the issue, and pointed the finger back at Republicans for stifling crime intervention efforts in Congress.

“When we were in Congress last year trying to pass a rescue plan — I’m sorry, not the rescue plan — but an emergency relief plan for cities that were cash-strapped and laying off police and firefighters, it was the Republicans who objected to it and, in fact, they didn’t get funding until the American Rescue Plan,” he said.

Richmond added: “Republicans are very good at staying on talking points … but the truth is, they defunded the police, we funded crime intervention.”